How Stress Affects Your Health

thUSAJ1J9ZDid you know that stress affect your health in many ways?

As the stress researcher and endocrinologist Hans Selye, PH. D. pointed out with his research that most disease is rooted in stress. Of course many of us react to the normal stressors fine and adjust accordingly. However, when reactions are negative to stress and stressors remain for a long time, this  leads to chronic stress and  “dis- ease”.

For a brief summation, high levels of cortisol are produced with chronic stress. This tends to lead to inflammation which in the current literature seems to be the root of many diseases such as heart disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases. With stress there seems to be a tendency to eat foods high on the glycemic index load (high sugar/quick energy)  which causes the insulin producing pancreas to go into a tailspin. Over time this sets up insulin resistance as the insulin receptor cells start to shut down and say “enough sugars as I’m on overload”. As a result, insulin resistance combined with high levels of blood fats (cholesterol and triglycerides), high body fat and high blood pressure can lead to metabolic syndrome.

What can you do to avoid this? Make sure you eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly (I call exercise the wonder drug) and get enough sleep.


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